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Posted: 29.08.2019, 04:41
by Chuft-Captain
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:Thanks, for the patch, Chuft-Captain. Also, 1200th post!
1199 is a much nicer number than 1200 ... and It's palindromic symmetrical. ;-)

Posted: 29.08.2019, 05:27
by bh
No... it would be 1991


Posted: 29.08.2019, 07:17
by Chuft-Captain
bh wrote:No... it would be 1991
Oops :oops: ... At risk of telling a bad astronomy pun ... I meant to say super-symmetrical of course! [ Corrected] :biggrin:

Posted: 29.08.2019, 21:40
by roninwolf1981
If inquiries about fictional spacecraft are welcome on this thread, I do have a few:

When I was hoarding addons from the Celestia Motherlode back in mid-2014, I was disappointed that there were missing files in the Star Wars Atlas addon. In there was the .ssc file for the Executor, but missing were both the mesh and the texture files. Is there any other site that has both the texture and mesh files and is also compatible with v1.6.1?

Posted: 30.08.2019, 04:59
by bh

Posted: 31.08.2019, 04:21
by toutatis
To avoid visual defects the TRAAC satellite model was a bit changed...

Posted: 31.08.2019, 04:55
by roninwolf1981
Thanks @bh.

It didn't have much in the way of Star Wars, but I was able to find the texture and .3ds model for the Executor.

Posted: 31.08.2019, 18:59
by toutatis

Posted: 31.08.2019, 19:19
by SpaceFanatic64
Looking good so far!

Posted: 01.09.2019, 14:09
by toutatis

Posted: 02.09.2019, 17:10
by gironde
every day a little more :smile:


Posted: 05.09.2019, 02:23
by toutatis
in my plans, after I finish the Hipparcos model...

USA: USA 224 (NRO L-49)...

USA: KH-9 Hexagon (Keyhole-9)...

USA: Lunar Prospector

PRC: 嫦娥四号 (Chang'e 4)...

PRC: Queqiao (Chang'e 4 Relay)...

ESA: Aeolus (ADM-Aeolus)...

ESA: MetOp-C...

Posted: 05.09.2019, 23:39
by toutatis
Mission GRAIL... full XYXV-trajectory (by data from HORIZONS)...

Added after 2 minutes 49 seconds:

Posted: 06.09.2019, 14:17
by toutatis
Hey guys... can someone who use "Celestia Origin" in English send to me here a file called * config.lua *.... the way is Celestia / lua-applications / lua_universal_tools_v5 / config.lua

Thanks very much in advance!

Posted: 06.09.2019, 20:22
by toutatis
* Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter * the full trajectory by data from HORIZONS (JPL, NASA)... Timeline...

Posted: 06.09.2019, 22:49
by Lafuente_Astronomy

I actually saw your message last night but I didn't download Celestia Origin at that time. Now that I did today, here's the config.lua file from Celestia Origin Version 9. Unfortunately, I have to add the original file to archive so that it can be sent here, as this forum only allows packed files to be sent. You're welcome in advance

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Posted: 07.09.2019, 00:21
by toutatis
Thanks, Lafuente_Astronomy... but all I want is that my Celestia work in ENGLISH ONLY... the file you sent did not helped... I deleted file ** from folder *locale / ru / LC_MESSAGES /* and now my Celestia works in English, but LUT no, still in Russian... but I need LUT work in English too...

Added after 17 minutes 18 seconds:
Ok, the task is solved... I deleted file *ru.lua* and now everything is great.... :biggrin:

Posted: 07.09.2019, 00:39
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Nice! But I wonder, why you decided to do the Lua in English?

Posted: 07.09.2019, 02:34
by toutatis
Nice! But I wonder, why you decided to do the Lua in English?

Because I learning this language... so... also I learning an African languages... Mende and Luganda... :smile:

Posted: 07.09.2019, 03:32
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Ahhhh. Good luck learning all those languages. You just have to understand First Person, Second Person and Third Person in English before learning the words one by one :smile: