Kepler-452 system (somewhat real)

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Kepler-452 system (somewhat real)

Post #1by Dimethylmercury » 02.03.2018, 20:49

My first real celestia addon, yet to be verified on motherlode. Phewwwww.

Backstory behind this. When I read news about K452B (Ascenti in this addon), I was like "384.843 days?" "Super-Earth?" Wow!
When I fantasize about earth-like planets, I usually make their year lengths from 370 days and more, similar to how it was millions of years ago on earth. and Bam! A REAL planet with this feature!!!!!

I am not an experienced addon creator, but I just couldn't hold back!

Download it straight away:
(4.05 MiB) Downloaded 191 times

Just unzip to extras.

--------- Loooooooooong, boring planetary descriptions, ---------

Prepare for a novel.

1. Sewenti. It is a Venus-like planet, with atmosphere made of 99% carbon dioxide. It has ocean of molten aluminium that is slowly evaporating away. It once was inhabited by a "civilization" that used molten aluminium as a liquid solvent, and carbon dioxide as breathing gas. But as star was aging and getting brighter, civilization only existed for 1200 Earth Years (14930 their years) before dying out, as it didn't become space-faring. Life there consisted of many separate nationalities that fought wars with each other, and didn't develop space exploration, and went extinct as a result. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction with lots of abandoned structures, and it generates to Kepler-452 b a revenue of $1.84 trillion per year. (equivalent to Earth/USA).

2. Ploienti.. A Mars-like hot planet. It is a one big desert with no natural life on it whatsoever. All terraforming (or Ascentiforming?) attempts at this planet failed. So it is left as a desert.

3. Ascenti.. This is the real deal. Planet is home to a lush civilization.Planet is now in the year 1467192045, and it has seen 4 species explosions and 13 mass extinctions. Ascentians try their best to keep nature and cities separate, and do not intervene into evolution of species.
They are only pseudo-mammals left on their planet, all others went extinct through natural processes.
  • Population: 98'428'141'890, growth rate +67 people per year
  • GDP per capita: 49311 Ascentian Kurps per year (33240 USD/Earth Year)
  • Capital city: Aimo, 69'151'111 people
  • Population composition: 88% Ascentian, 4% Earthling, 3% from nearby red dwarf systems, 5% other.
  • Form of government: parliamentary republic, governing entity is United Nations made of 90 countries. Head of UN is the Prime Minister.
  • Chemistry: carbon, water, oxygen. They use 1 Kurp = 1000 kohs as currency, Type CS188 plug outlet, Base 10 and drive on the right side of the road.

    Oh, and the moon of Ascenti, Kunun, was hit by a half-sized object on April 22, 2003 (Earth).

    4. Mirhenti. A boring place, which is used by Ascentians as a dumpsite, then it gets locked for trash to decompose. Sometimes trash decomposes into precious elements, which are sold across the stellar neighborhood.

8. Karalol. It is a planet with life, but not sapient. They use supercritical hydrogen for mixed use, as both water and air. The lifeforms are mostly primitive creatures no larger than 5 mm.

11. Duna. . It is an eccentric Jupiter with "shovel moons". These moons, at periastron, actually dive into the star. I made this on purpose because I was bored."

-------------- END OF PLANETARY DESCRIPTIONS --------------

I was making it kinda fast, so I am not sure if some textures look "like an 8 year old".

Gurren Lagann
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Post #2by Gurren Lagann » 02.03.2018, 23:30

As a KSP player, I noticed that one of the planets is called Duna, the Mars analog for KSP. Is that a coincidence or is it inspired?

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