Alternate Surface pack of Earth

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Alternate Surface pack of Earth

Post #1by Joey P. » 13.02.2018, 04:21

Here are some alternative surfaces I made for Earth:

1. Download the .zip file.
2. Add the following to the solarsys data file:"

Code: Select all

AltSurface "Fictional locations in Gulliver's Travels" "Sol/Earth"
   Texture   "fictionallocations.png"

AltSurface "Old World" "Sol/Earth"
   Texture   "oldworld.png"

AltSurface "50 million years from now" "Sol/Earth"
   Texture   "100f.png"

AltSurface "150 million years from now" "Sol/Earth"
   Texture   "150f.png"

AltSurface "250 million years from now" "Sol/Earth"
   Texture   "250f.png"

Earth Alternative Surface
(11.64 MiB) Downloaded 159 times
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Post #2by selden » 13.02.2018, 12:00

There's no need to modify Celestia's file solarsys.ssc. Just include the text you've provided as a stand-alone SSC in the extras directory along with the textures/medres folder containing the surface texture images.

Modifying Celestia's own files is strongly discouraged. Typos can cause strange problems which are very difficult to track down or recover from. That's one of the reasons for the SSC declaration "Modify", but even that isn't needed in Addons like this.

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