Catalogue of Non-Hipparcos Stars With Trigonometric Parallaxes

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Catalogue of Non-Hipparcos Stars With Trigonometric Parallaxes

Post #1by LukeCEL » 09.11.2017, 03:24

Hi everyone,

I'm uploading another catalogue-like add-on. As you know, besides Hipparcos (and Gaia DR1), numerous other projects have attempted to create catalogues of parallaxes, albeit at a lower level of precision. This add-on is a sort of combination of these catalogues and adds 2,625 stars and systems with non-Hipparcos parallaxes.

These parallax measurements have relatively high error, and so any stars where parallax ≤ 1 mas were removed. Additionally, these objects have been removed:
    objects with HIP or TYC designations (HIP parallax is almost definitely more accurate. I removed TYC-designated stars before realizing that Tycho didn't include parallaxes. I should have left them in.)
    objects with exoplanets (they might be in other addons)
    objects missing parallaxes or coordinates
    galaxies or planetary nebulae. (Yes, they tried measuring the parallaxes of those, but those never gave very good measurements.)

Stars already in the files of the default version of Celestia, or with missing spectral types, were commented out. (If both V-mag and B-mag were known, the temperature, and thus spectral type, could be estimated from the difference.)

Orbital definitions have been written for a bunch of systems known to be binaries with references for orbital data given.

Again, this has become a bit less useful after Gaia DR1, but it might still be of interest to some people. I'm going to release this as public domain.
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