148 Hipparcos Stars with Poorly-Measured Parallaxes

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148 Hipparcos Stars with Poorly-Measured Parallaxes

Post #1by LukeCEL » 14.10.2017, 23:43

Hi everyone,

I'm Luke (I also go by that name on the Celestia Motherlode). I'm going to post some add-ons here that I don't think are suitable for the Motherlode, either because they were rejected or because they seem do data-y for anybody but the obsessive.

This add-on adds back 148 stars where the Hipparcos parallax is negative or very low, and so isn't useful—the distances have been derived from other methods. In the default version of Celestia, these stars simply aren't included in the stars.dat file. If the spectral type of the star was not given, it was estimated from the effective temperature of the star, or the B-V color index. Stars already in the revised.stc file have been removed, although if I've missed any, it wouldn't really cause duplicates, just overwrite the star.

Orbital definitions have been written for three systems known to be binaries: HIP 88581, HIP 89753 (QR Ser), and HIP 100287 (V1687 Cyg).

I know this has become a bit less useful after Gaia DR1, but it might be of interest to some people. I'm going to release this as public domain.
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