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Mods made by M-Explorer

Post #1by _M-Explorer_ » 19.11.2016, 16:11

Here is all of my mods:

Star M-Explorer's (solar) system:
This is my first Celestia mod[DOT]
I missed something: you should create a folder to that, and unzip to the folder you created[DOT]
Google Drive
The Celestia Motherlode (coming soon)
Matoneik's, the earth-like planet's moon from its atmosphere:
MySolarsys_screenshot 1.jpg
MySolarsys_screenshot 1.jpg (9.49 KiB) Viewed 1652 times

MySolarsys_screenshot 2.jpg

Monnetriter 1A Rocket:

Matoneik's moon called Only 1 Moon, and Matoneik:

Proxima Cen b / PCenb
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Post #2by John Van Vliet » 21.11.2016, 00:50

so ?

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Post #3by _M-Explorer_ » 21.11.2016, 06:34

John Van Vliet, I put my mods here, and I don't have any mods are done, because I was started using this program ~2 weeks ago, if you wanted to ask this[DOT]

Added after 1 hour 50 minutes:
Star M-Explorer's solar system is out[DOT]
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