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Kuiper Belt

Post #1by Alexell » 10.08.2016, 14:02


Author: Zemlyanin

Technical details:

  • Model covers 1057672 Kuiper Belt object that supposedly is the total number of classical and resonant belt objects with a diameter of 39.5 km and more . Semimajor axis of the modeled objects are between 33.26 and . is until 50.50 a. The total is spread in the orbit inclination to the ecliptic objects is ± 50 °. Model reflects the uneven distribution of the particle density in the zone , the concentration of the particle orbits to the ecliptic plane ( Used bimodal distribution ) , as well as an increase in the period of revolution around the Sun Belt particles with increasing semimajor axis of their orbits .
  • Model 374 comprises concentric rings on the particles in every 2828. To construct it, using one CMOD-model (“KB_element.cmod”), and one PNG-texture with 4 percent opacity for coloring particles in the color model in the range typical for the Kuiper belt colors (“KB_palette.png”).
Install: extract this archive into extras folder.

Use: This model of the Kuiper belt is clearly visible at a distance from the Sun at a distance of over 170 a. is (if installed in the 0 value of the scattered light). Particle motion zone is clearly seen in the acceleration of time in 100 million times (“Usage: 1e +008 x” on the panel Lua Edu Tools).

(33.07 KiB) Downloaded 132 times

(88.05 KiB) Downloaded 138 times

(279.91 KiB) Downloaded 303 times
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