Meteorite "Chelyabinsk"

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Meteorite "Chelyabinsk"

Post #1by Alexell » 10.08.2016, 14:00

Author: Zemlyanin

Description: Reconstruction of an event occurring in the morning February 15, 2013 in the skies over Russia Chelyabinsk region, namely entry into the Earth’s atmosphere of a small asteroid with its subsequent explosion and falling debris to the surface. Meteorite itself was later officially named – meteorite “Chelyabinsk”.

Install: extract this archive into extras folder.

For use in Celestia need to set the time until 15.01.2013.
(3.45 MiB) Downloaded 140 times
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Chelyabinsk Alexell

Post #2by Carl » 30.08.2016, 01:02

I have used this add on earlier this year when I was off on medical leave. It worked good. I set myself to follow close behind, then sped up time, and slowed time, and paused time. I also adjusted my frame of reference many times. When using this addon, I would highly recommend a high resolution map with night lights for Earth and high quality clouds map. The best your PC can use. I liked this mod. I downloaded it from Alexell's home site at the time.

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