CelPad, graphical search tool, update to ver.1.1

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CelPad, graphical search tool, update to ver.1.1

Post #1by ngx » 04.04.2013, 20:39

if you are interested, check Lua Edu Tools 1.2 extension CelPad, now uploaded on ML.

It is a search tool with graphical interface which gives you functions to look for almost all Celestia objects according to defined parameters. You can scan for stars, satellites (planets, spacecrafts, asteroids etc.), deep space objects and locations. The graphical interface provides necessary elements for CelPad functions, like windows scrolling, edit boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes and so on. It does not use advanced graphics (like in example Slideshow/Diaporama), only simple font and slightly modified Lua Edu Tools boxes with letters for button marks. However, some appearance (colors, transparency, sizes) can be customized into some extent.

You can find and download the addon in 'Scripts: Utility Scripts and Educational Resources' section on ML
(http://www.celestiamotherlode.net/catal ... on_id=1632).

Please check README file for installation instructions and application Help panes (buttons with '?' mark) for detailed usage instructions.

In summary, with CelPad you can do the following:

-Define your parameters for objects search and save them to HDD for the future use. Everything can be done via graphical windows with left/right mouse clicks, values can be edited with keyboard (please note that every keyboard input must be confirmed with 'Enter').
In example, if you want to find some sun-like stars, you can define parameters like:
-stellar class G
-minimal radius 0,8 x Sun's, maximal 1,2 x Sun
-minimal temperature 5600 K, maximal 6100 K
-at least 3 satellites
...and so on.


-Display found objects in scrollable scanner window(s) and use right click on each line to get pop-up menu with variety of commands.

-Re-scan already found objects to refine your search. You can also copy the content into new scanner window to preserve your original search.

-Summarize scanned objects (display minimum/maximum values, contained object types and their counts).

-Change units of used parameters (i.e. you can use Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin, Kilometers or Lightyears and so on).

-Use separate selection pad windows, where you can add objects manually (objects selected in Celestia) or copy objects from another window(s).

-Mark/Unmark all or individual objects in selection pad windows with various markers (you can select their color, shape and size).

-Add/Remove configurable reference marks (vectors, visible regions) to individual objects.

-Copy objects between selection pad windows and create scanners from those windows.

-Right click on objects in window and:
-display summary pane with all available information about the object (according to given object type).
-perform some basic Celestia commands (goto, sync orbit, track, surface...).
-copy to selection pad window.
-open object's URL, where available.
-obtain all object's children, parent or locations into separate windows.
-in selection pad windows you can also add/remove ordinary or reference mark to the object.

-Control and change graphical interface behaviour:
-move and resize windows, last position can be saved to HDD, so the appearance is preserved after the Celestia restart.
-make windows and other GUI elements visible/invisible to provide more space on the screen and reduce the slowdown. If you make a running scanner window invisible, the scan does not stop, it can finish "on the background".
-change the GUI appearance (colors, font size, button size etc.) and save various GUI profiles to HDD. Some different profiles are already prepared as examples.


-Customize CelPad by various settings (GUI settings, System settings) and save them to HDD under separate profiles.

CelPad is usable also on slow computers, although certain slowdown is obvious. Basically, you can use CelPad settings to tune optimal and safe performance. The most important thing is to avoid Lua hook timeouts which can appear if the system is heavily overloaded. Please do read addon's Help panes to avoid technical troubles and misfunction.

Feel free to ask questions about the usage, report bugs or give next functions suggestions on this forum, or send them to my email or PM.
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CelPad, graphical search tool, update to ver.1.1

Post #2by ngx » 16.09.2013, 09:50

Hi, there is a new version of CelPad (ver.1.1) published on Celestia Motherlode. It can be used either as a new installation, or as an upgrade, preserving all saved settings and queries. Summary of new changes and features is as follows:

-Major bugfix, see README_CelPad.txt for list of fixed bugs.

-Command Set function, ability to define Celestia commands in script-like batches and run them on objects stored in Selection Pad. Commands can be run either on all objects (sequentially, once, or in the loop) or on individual object from its pop-up menu. Commands are selected and configured via graphical dialog. In addition to pre-defined commands, it is also possible to write LUA code directly (with certain limits, due to sandboxing).


-New save file format with automatic conversion of all existing user saves.

-Pause/Resume of running process, applicable on scanning, copying, marking or commands processing.

-Unit functions for Lifespan Start, Lifespan End, Angle and geographical parameters. Lifespans can be now defined in human friendly format (Year/Month/Day hour:minute:second).

-Marker parameters now contain all available shapes (at least i hope so) and more pre-defined colors.

-Input into CelPad edit boxes can be now defined using external file (i.e. in Notepad). This is useful for avoiding interaction with mapped keys, for example in Celestia161-ED.

-Observer Commands menu improvements, including free LUA code definition and usage not depending on particular Celestia object(s).

-Slight performance and GUI precision enhancements.

-Other improvements of GUI, summary outputs, object information data, marking etc.

The same as with version 1.0, please inform me about bugs you find as well as about your prospective ideas or new requirements.

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Re: CelPad, graphical search tool, update to ver.1.1

Post #3by ngx » 16.09.2013, 18:37

lodgy, I'm sorry you don't like the appearance, but I was focused mainly on functionality and controls. GUI is simple, it is basically designed to provide some sort of comfortable usage without need to write complex commands. Due to its performance, I tried to make it as compact as possible. Keep in mind that all windows and their elements must be re-drawn with every LUA hook tick. And I also tried to follow Lua Edu Tools looks since I like it, as well as I like linux :)

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Re: CelPad, graphical search tool, update to ver.1.1

Post #4by Hungry4info » 17.09.2013, 04:34

ngx, don't worry about lodgy, or his duplicate accounts ogyv (and others whose names escape me). He's just a troll. He's been driving down the quality of conversation on this forum ever since he arrived, and most people have left.
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