Planetary nebulae models (DOWNLOAD LINK)

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Planetary nebulae models (DOWNLOAD LINK)

Post #1by Cham » 14.03.2013, 13:16

I'm releasing an old addon from Selden (73 planetary nebulae), modified by me to include 25 sprites based **generic** planetary nebulae models.
If you installed the version I published some weeks ago in the Add-on development section, I strongly suggest that you erase it and install that new version instead, since there are much more models.

The addon includes a usefull CELX script to visit each one of the white dwarfs located inside the nebulae.
Just use the same script again and again until you have visited all the stars. The script will simply cycle through the stars without end.

Here's a small preview of the 25 models :

Download link : ... (9.7MB)

Enjoy !
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