Crab-like Supernova remnants models (DOWNLOAD LINK)

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Crab-like Supernova remnants models (DOWNLOAD LINK)

Post #1by Cham » 14.03.2013, 12:56

I'm releasing a pack of 24 Crab-like supernova remnant models, 12 without an exterior shell, and 12 with a shell.

Personaly, I'm not really satisfied with them, except in one or two cases only.

Since I'm much more excited with my new Mathematica code to generate large Orion-like nebulae, I don't think I'll produce any other remnants.

Here's a preview of some remnants in the pack :

Download link : ... (20.5MB)

All the models are located around a fictious star called "Etoile test", that I forgot to include in the previous pack, so use this STC file :

To see a model in Celestia, just type "Etoile test", followed by a model name : "RE1", "RE2", ... "RE12" and "RE1b", "RE2b", ... "RE12b".

Use the models as you wish, and don't forget to smile ! :)
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