Verona Planetary System (Fictional)

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Re: Verona Planetary System (Fictional)

Post #21by W0RLDBUILDER » 19.10.2012, 22:49

john Van Vliet wrote:A guess only

but that "pink" and NOT purple for

is your screen setting or GAMA
for some odd reason some windows boxes have the screen set to MAX brightness and MAX contrast
( not good )

brightness ~ 75%
gama 1
contrast ~66%

but use the windows built in tool to adjust the screen
I was viewing it on a MacBook, though. Definitely looks purple now.
StarLight wrote:Also, I read somewhere that methane-rich brown dwarfs could have a purplish color. I admit I exagerated a little, but as I stated in the beginning of the post, even though trying to make feasible worlds, I added some fantasy to them. Otherwise I would have a complete Solar System analog.
Methane absorbs red light, so it would probably reflect green and glow brown.

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Post #22by omega13a » 24.08.2016, 03:29

The download link for this add-on no longer works. :cry: I was hoping to re-download it because I lost the SSC file (though I still have the textures in my collection).
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