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A Life scenario in M31

Posted: 15.09.2011, 10:58
by Cham
Inspired by the Drake equation about life in the galaxy (, I made this small addon.

It adds 1000 main sequence stars in M31, supporting life ! Okay, the addon is just adding the stars, and it's up to you to add the planets. :)


The Galactic Habitable Zone (GHZ : ... table_zone) is probably optimistic, in this scenario.

The HR plot of the L-stars :


Use the included CELX script to reveal the L-stars distribution with markers, since these stars are too small to be seen at a large distance. Use the alternate names (ex : M31 (L256)) to select a star and visit it (in the Andromeda galaxy !). While traveling through the galaxy, you can't click on the L-stars at a large distance, because they are pretty small while M31 is really a HUGE galaxy !

Enjoy !