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Spacecaft request

Post #1by Marty » 04.08.2011, 01:02

Can anyone point me to addons of Juno and Dawn spacecraft. these are topical at the moment and would like to use them in our planetarium sessions.


Marco Klunder
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Re: Spacecaft request

Post #2by Marco Klunder » 04.08.2011, 11:08

The DAWN mission can be found on the Celestia Motherlode at: by BrianJ and ElChristou.

It only doesn't contain the orbital trajectory around Vesta but the spacecraft stays stationary in the neighbourhood.
Unfortunately it crashes into Ceres on Jan 28, 2015 :? (using the default Celestia distribution, I don't know about using SPICE)

Furtheron it's a well done add-on :!:

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Re: Spacecaft request

Post #3by chris » 05.08.2011, 22:07

I've just created updated trajectories for Dawn from the latest SPICE kernels. I've divided the mission into three segments: Earth to Vesta cruise, Vesta orbit, Vesta to Ceres cruise. There's no SPICE kernel available that includes the orbit around Ceres right now. I'm going to try and get this into a Celestia add-on this weekend.


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