Orina Alvera is finally finished

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Orina Alvera is finally finished

Post #1by kristoffer » 22.06.2011, 10:38

I have just finished the Orina Alvera solar system

the system contains:
2 stars(G and O class)
5 planets
22 asteroids
6 comets
number of habitable worlds: 3
number of a planet with most moons: 44(Galactica)
biggest planet: Galactica, with 160000 km in radius

download here:
and I am sorry that I can't upload it to celestiamotherlode, because I don't know how to use the FTP. I tried it before
Computer specs

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Re: Orina Alvera is finally finished

Post #2by Fenerit » 24.06.2011, 11:52

Here is the wiki for filezilla. Whatelse FTP program you want to use is structured in similar way.



For Motherlode:

Host: ftp.ibiblio.org
Username: - blank -
Password: - blank -
Port: 21

When connected, you will see on the right-file manager the Motherlode's root with the "incoming" folder. There you may send the add-on. On the left is your disk's folders in which, presumably, you have the zip.
If is the first time you send add-on on Motherlode, a registration form will be displayed when you do follow the Motherlode's rule of sending. Motherlode will prompt also for the add-on informations. This latter part is independent from the FTP program and is web based.
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