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Updated Mars Rotovator Posted

Post #1by nyar » 28.02.2011, 04:42

This is a bit late but I'm announcing the release of my version 2.0 Mars Rotovator at Celestia Motherlode.
Here's the link:


The models were borrowed and in some cases modified with approval from Tom Guilpain, Rob Sanders, and for version 2.0 from Selden and Re(i)mbrandt but the ssc file was mine. It simulates a space transportation system around Mars using rotating and hanging orbital tethers.
The idea came to me when I realized that Celestia could be imagined as a 'mechanical universe' with timed simulated orbits replacing rotating gears. Properly configured orbits of pivot points can simulate linear motion on rotating tethers and create timed repeatable interactions between objects in a variety of ways. Sort of like what goes on in a cuckoo clock. :lol: Mars with it's ideally located moons seemed a good place to try things out and I think it worked pretty well. I'm not finished of course. I'm still refining the Martian rotovator and adding features, but I'm also experimenting with Venus and of course the Moon. We'll have to see where this train of thought takes me. Here's some pics from version 2.0.

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