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Add-ons and Mac

Post #1by surket » 29.01.2011, 11:05

Came across Celestia only a couple of weeks ago and could not believe what a wonderful tool it was. I ran the built-in demo and then tried a few examples such as the solar system tour in amazement. However I have so far failed to install a single add-on.
When I installed the latest version of Celestia, two empty directories ("extras" and "scripts") were created in:

/Library/Application Support/CelestiaResources

I have followed the instructions of every add-on and placed its files and directories
where I was told to no avail -- they are simply ignored.

The program itself runs fine and faithfully displays all the built-in textures. I would be very grateful of someone could provide me with a step-by-step example.

Is there a forum that deals with Mac issues only?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Add-ons and Mac

Post #2by bh » 29.01.2011, 16:56

Hi Ben... you will have to put your add ons in the applications resources folder.

On my mac it's Applications/Celestia 1.6.0/ - show package contents/Contents/Resources/CelestiaResources/extras-standard

Most of the add-ons will unzip to a folder which you put in here.

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Re: Add-ons and Mac

Post #3by John Van Vliet » 30.01.2011, 06:28

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