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Post #41by The Minmus Derp » 08.07.2021, 16:06

MACHO 120.22303.5389
A strange system with a hot jupiter and a brown dwarf
Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10.18.25 AM.png
The planet with its stars

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Post #42by SevenSpheres » 17.07.2021, 21:41

HD 209458 b ("Osiris")

Apparently no one has ever made a texture addon for the classic hot Jupiter. Now there is one. No attempt has been made to render the planet's evaporating atmosphere, since it wouldn't really be visible (unlike with Kepler-1520b). Planet texture is my own work, star texture is modified from one created by trappistplanets. Several atmosphere codes are included. Update 2021/07/24: Replaced the zip file. It no longer has the very bright atmosphere as the default.

I've also attached the standalone version of HD 189733 b that I created for mobile Celestia months ago. (The same textures are also included in "ExoplanetUpdates" in my addon thread.)

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Post #43by DrJMOS » 21.07.2021, 16:02

2 Hot jovians (Kepler-7-b and HD 189733 Ab) and 1 Cold Jovian (Gliese 504) in comparison with Jupiter. All planets textured by NASA that you can add following steps of my post

gas giants.jpg


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Post #44by Gurren Lagann » 21.07.2021, 23:48

HD 213885
Large and small, in a compact space
HD 213885's planets, not to scale

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Post #45by Trolligi 112477 » 22.07.2021, 08:52

Gliese 9482, a.k.a HIP 70849

This system is comprised of a very wide binary of a K-type star and a brown dwarf, and there is one planet in this system and it orbits the K-type star.


The planet, Gliese 9482 Ab, with faint rings.

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why do I love wolf-rayet stars so much lol

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