Updated stars.dat for Celestria using Gaia data

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#1by selden » 13.05.2017, 21:51

Here's a link to my update for Celestia's stars.dat which incorporates distances from Gaia DR1. It includes both a modified stars.dat and an STC catalog that updates the stars.dat that comes with Celestia. If you choose to use the STC catalog, it causes Celestia to load quite slowly.

gaia_stardb.zip (2.7MB, expands to 5.4MB)

While creating it, I discovered that Gaia DR1 includes data for fewer than 80% of the Hipparcos stars. Hopefully DR2 will include them all.

Here's a view of the controversial Pleiades Cluster. Yellow marks show Hipparcos' distances while green marks show Gaia's. In the left-hand view, looking down from Galactic North, our Sun is off-screen at the top, while the right-hand view shows how they look from our viewpoint. The lower/smaller circle shows where the VLBA measured the cluster to actually be, within a LY. The red and green plus marks indicate the Hip and Gaia distances for Asterope. It's the only one of the stars called the "Seven Sisters" that's included in Gaia DR1.


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#2by eburacum45 » 14.05.2017, 09:18

Now I'm going to have to check all the major stars in Orion's Arm for distance values.

Asterope seems a little closer than the rest of the cluster; I suppose that is natural, since we would probably see the stars on this side a little more clearly. There is a non-trivial amount of gas and dust in this cluster, and some of the stars on the other side might be slightly extinguished.

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