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how to make realistic cloud textures

Posted: 27.06.2020, 14:45
by trappistplanets

install GIMP 2.10.18 ( ) using this link then make a TRANSPARENT canvas it can eather be 4096x2048 or 2048x1024 res

Added after 6 minutes 47 seconds:

go to filters+render+noice+solid noise
set the X and Y values very high
set the detail to maximum
turn on tileable so there are no seems
click on random seed untill you find a texture you like

Added after 7 minutes 54 seconds:

make air currents by using the warp tool and dragging the clouds untill you get what you like|
dont froget to add some small stormes

but when your working near the edges you dont want to make seems so to avoid seems you go to layer+transform+offset
then click by width/2 and that brans the edges to the middle so you can work on the edges when done offset the image back to normal by clicking by width/2 again

unknown (1).png
mine looks like this so far

Added after 5 minutes 40 seconds:

go to colors+levels

you should see the thing in the pic below the step 3 explanation

use the input levels thing to make the image blacker this decreases the amount of clouds
dont make the image to black though

this is what you should see when you opened up levels

Added after 9 minutes 50 seconds:
now once your done with step 3
its time for step 4


left click the image if your using a mouse
you will see a drop down bar
go to layer+transparency+color to alpha
then using the thing that pops up when you click color to alpha you make the black transperent


Added after 1 minute 37 seconds:
then your done with the texture

export/save it as


Added after 3 minutes 30 seconds:
then you can put it on any planet you want in celestia

Posted: 27.06.2020, 16:55
by jujuapapa
Good beginning !

How can we make, tempests, hurricanes, cyclones, ??? :biggrin:

Posted: 28.06.2020, 00:30
by Gurren Lagann
Hurricanes and cyclones are different names for the same phenonemon, but you can use the warp tool to make those.

Posted: 28.06.2020, 05:26
by jujuapapa
Gurren Lagann wrote:Hurricanes and cyclones are different names for the same phenonemon, but you can use the warp tool to make those.
I forgot typhoons. :biggrin:

warp tool, the plugin of photoshop ?
I never used photoshop... :fie:

Posted: 28.06.2020, 12:45
by trappistplanets
jujuapapa wrote:How can we make, tempests, hurricanes, cyclones, ???
i never herd on tempests

Posted: 28.06.2020, 13:53
by Gurren Lagann
I usually call the GIMP tool with the surf wave icon the "Transform" tool, but Trappist calls it the "Warp" tool, so I'm using the latter for consistency.

Posted: 30.06.2020, 18:41
by trappistplanets
i replaced a pic that was missplaced

Posted: 23.07.2020, 00:08
by trappistplanets
jujuapapa wrote:warp tool, the plugin of photoshop ?
jujuapapa you dont use photoshop you use GIMP
read step 1!

Posted: 23.07.2020, 13:18
by Tegmine
To a certain extent, Photo$hop tutorials can be used in GIMP and might just take a few extra minutes and steps to figure out what is what in each program.