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TUTORIAL: Making meshes and putting them into Celestia

Posted: 21.11.2016, 17:59
by _M-Explorer_
Hello community, this is a tutorial on how to make meshes and how to put them into Celestia[DOT] Here are 2 programs with you can do it:
Windows 3D Builder (Windows 10 pre-installed program) (Online program)
Now I will make a + symbol with[DOT] Type in your browser, and you will see this page:

First, you must login or register, I have already registered, and I will login, if you're not, click the SIGN UP text, and type the things like email address, and username, then click Continue, and you're registered[DOT] If you're registered, click the LOG IN text, and type your username, and password[DOT] After you logged in, you will see the models you created[DOT] To create a new model, click +New Scene, after clicking the button you will see something like this:

Then click some from the icons you're seeing under text, and the name of your model to add some blocks, you can add the same block multiple times[DOT]
After adding some blocks, you can move, resize, rotate, and do other things with your blocks, fI'm not describing this in this thread[DOT] Here is what I did:

If you're done, click share Image, click the image of your model, after on the page you're seeing, click download, and select Wavefront OBJ[DOT] After you're downloaded, you should convert it to 3ds, and do these 2 things:
[1]Put your file into extras/modfoldername/models,
[2]Put this line into your object script:

Code: Select all

Mesh "meshname.3ds"

After doing these things, run/restart Celestia, find the object you was used the mesh you made to, and it will hopefully work

Posted: 22.11.2016, 21:21
by John Van Vliet
take a look at the celestia source code
there is a tool called cmodview ( in celestia/src/tools/cmod/)
this takes in ascii cmods ( from the old animator or blender plug in ) or obj meshes that are uv mapped

normally one wants the texture UV mapped to the mesh
- warning -
converting a uv mapped obj file to 3ds will REMOVE the uv mapping

the FREE GPL program Blender dose this very well

output to a *.obj mesh and open in cmodview
edit it as needed and save as a binary cmod ( the default )

!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!
when using the 1980's 3ds format a LOT of Microsoft tools default to the 1990's 8.3 naming ( even TODAY!!!!!! )
less than 8 letters for a name and 3 letters for the file extension and ALL CAPITAL!!!!!!
this gets hard coded into the 3ds and might NOT match the name of the texture in capitalization
----- BE WARNED !!!!!!

Posted: 23.11.2016, 06:07
by _M-Explorer_
I don't have this folder[DOT] Is it downloadable from somewhere?

Posted: 23.11.2016, 06:50
by John Van Vliet
my copy that i am very slowly working on, with the fixed cmod code

for windows ????
gave up on Microsoft back in 2005

Posted: 23.11.2016, 07:05
by _M-Explorer_
John Van Vliet, Yes, I don't have the src folder in my Celestia folder on Windows, if you has wanted to ask this[DOT]