screen size/resolution ??? - crashing on Full Screen toggle

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screen size/resolution ??? - crashing on Full Screen toggle

Post #1by spelo5967 » 17.10.2004, 01:20

Several questions about the size of the screen in celestia:

-S3 ProSavage DDR, with latest drivers
-latest version of Celestia - 1.3.2
-Win XP w/SP 2

1. Why does Celestia open with a slightly minimized screen? I want to see as much as I can, and keep having to maximize it.

2. Also, when I maximize it, it overrides whatever FOV setting I have designated in my .cfg file (32 degrees) and goes back to the standard 20 degrees.

3. Biggest problem is crashing when I toggle the Full Screen option. I have no problem changing screen resolution on my system and have many other programs with Full Screen options that work just fine, including other space visualization programs. I know my graphics card can't handle the fancier stuff in Celestia, but this would seem to be pretty simple.

Any suggestions on any of these issues would be very welcome.

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