Celestia 1.3.2

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Celestia 1.3.2

Post #1by chris » 24.08.2004, 07:14

It's finally ready! The Celestia site has been updated with the announcement of the new version. 1.3.2 differs little from 1.3.2pre11. I fixed the transparent mesh rendering bug that was causing troubles with Kokaubeam and wrote some to preserve the texture resolution setting between Celestia sessions. Grant updated the orbits of some of the moons, added credits to readme, and corrected an omission in Windows installer script.



ho man!

Post #2by chrisrnotloggedin » 24.08.2004, 16:22

This works so cool and smooth and wow!

Bob Hegwood
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Post #3by Bob Hegwood » 24.08.2004, 20:53

Haven't installed it yet, Chris, but I just wanted to say "Thank You" for
your continuing efforts here. This is - just my opinion - the absolute BEST
program ever written for non rocket-scientists. :wink:

Even us lowly forklift drivers can enjoy the universe up close and in person.
I *do* appreciate the effort it takes too.

Thanks again, Bob
Bob Hegwood
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Celestia 1.4.0 Pre6 FT1

Cham M
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Post #4by Cham » 24.08.2004, 21:26

Undoubtedly, Celestia goes beyond the scientific achievement. It's a master piece of art.

I must make a confession here : I'm a physicist, and never before a piece of software made me crying by using it. Some people may find me crazy, but, to me, Celestia isn't about science and astronomy, it's about pure poetry.
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New here! Thanks!

Post #5by Boux » 25.08.2004, 08:05

Hi all,
After having played with Celestia for months, I decided finally to register here.
Celestia is the best piece of software I have ever enjoyed. Much more addicting than any game. And this 'game' in the only one that makes you feel more intelligent.
Yes, there is definitely something poetic in it.
I have now some 2 gigs of add-ons on my computer and I can't yet find an end to my space exploration activities.
I have recently massively upgraded my system just for a better and smoother experience of Celestia.
Now, as I feel like having somewhat 'stolen' all these marvels from their talented creators, I am willing to contribute to this forum and help people when I am able to do so.

John Van Vliet
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Post #6by John Van Vliet » 25.08.2004, 08:23

i guss i will have to update cvs then rebiuld

hi Boux i am at 3+ gig and growing

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Post #7by ajtribick » 25.08.2004, 20:36

Nice new version - it was working fine until my graphics card fuzzed up again.

I see the Modify bug's been fixed -- nice.

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Post #8by smbika » 31.08.2004, 17:25


Celestia 1.3.2 is awesome! Better in many ways than the last version...except:

I may be wrong here but i transferred a star wars/star trek pairing of addons wherein i have the enterprise orbiting the deathstar in the trench - close to the surface. On 1.3.1 there is no "clipping" which i take to mean the object dissappears at a certain distance say at the bottom of the screen because the camera is too close. In 1.3.2 i get the same distance from the enterprise in the trench as 1.3.1 and a portion of the death star beneath disappears - as if i had gone beneath the surface of and was seeing what one sees when one enters into the interior of planets and such. Assuming i am not actually doing this (and i am quite reasonably sure i do not) this seems to be a minus for the new version. Anyone else seeing anything similar?


ps - otherwise, wow!
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Post #9by selden » 31.08.2004, 17:32

Yes. :(

I've sometimes seen it after using Ctrl-G to goto the surface of a planet. Sometimes part of the planet's surface disappears that's near the bottom of the screen.

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Post #10by bh » 31.08.2004, 23:17

Ah...another upgrade beckons...Well I lost rasillon's super addons by not paying enough regard to my stars.dat file...will I have the same?

Great work Chris...you are God!


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Post #11by azgard » 03.09.2004, 06:23


Thanks so much, don't no what to say to such a wonderful work of art, truly I am without words.


Would be awsome

Post #12by guest » 07.09.2004, 14:10

It would be awsome if I could find a Fedora Core 1 RPM of this.... I'm having trouble compiling (something about lpng not found; no solution was found on google or this forum search).

So...... Anyone have a Fedora 1 1.3.2 RPM link?

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