MUSES-C / Hayabusa xyz?

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MUSES-C / Hayabusa xyz?

Post #1by The Singing Badger » 09.03.2004, 02:38

Does anyone know if an xyz and/or model has been made for the Japanese MUSES-C mission? The mission will go into orbit around the NEO asteroid 1998SF36 in 2005, which should be quite exciting... :D

Info on the mission: ... ndex.shtml

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Post #2by JackHiggins » 13.03.2004, 12:46

When MUSES-C was launched originally, I emailed the team at HORIZONS to see if they'd add it to their spacecraft list. They said that this was an unlikely possibility, so unless JAXA do the ESA thing & start using it on their mission control big screens, I don't think we're going to see a Hayabusa xyz... :(

This little-known mission will be really cool to see results from, and the first time we've got samples back from an object other than the moon!
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Post #3by The Singing Badger » 15.03.2004, 23:17

That's a real shame - but thanks for the info! 8)

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Post #4by codrinb » 08.04.2005, 01:52

What about the ship model?
Or the model and orbit of the asteroid Itokawa (1998SF36)?

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Post #5by selden » 08.04.2005, 10:33

Modeling an asteroid requires optical or radar observations that show its shape on several sides. I dunno if this has been done.

Creating a trajectory for it is somewhat easier. Please take a look at the Web page
Contributing an appropriate SSC file can be rewarding in itself.

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Post #6by celestrom hayabusa » 23.11.2016, 21:37

Someone who has the ssc file from the hayabusa probe :think: ? I ask you please, thank you.

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