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Low Level Flying SSC

Posted: 08.05.2003, 19:04
If anyone out there wishes to see low level flying around the earth from betwen 250m and 12km then here's the SSC code, using the space shuttle as an example;

Code: Select all

"Sub-orbital" "sol/earth"
Mesh "Columbia.3ds" # (version:94.3kb:date modified 02/02/03 18:48 with jpg textures)
#Mesh "atlantis.3ds" #if using atlantis model(version:339kb:date modified 11/02/03 20:47)
Radius 0.020
Period 0.167
SemiMajorAxis 6384
Eccentricity 0.000915
   Inclination 0    # orbit around the equator- look out for the shuttle launch!
   #Inclination 30  #  for a more varied orbit
   AscendingNode 0
   ArgOfPericenter 0
Orientation [ 270 0 0 1]
#Orientation [ 90 0 0 1]    #if using atlantis.3ds or an open-payload model
RotationOffset 270
Albedo 0.05

I personally have 2 closed-door models which I have referred to in the SSC & both have been made with different orientations. I'm hoping the values I've put in will cover ALL shuttle models available.
Your model should fly level and face the right direction by choosing 1 of the 2 orientation settings above (you might have to try both).
To see really cool views of the sky, atmosphere, sunsets etc then position yourself behind the model, lock onto earth, speed up time to suit and enjoy the views- it would be nice to see what they look like with the highest resolution textures available.


PS Someone was asking about flying into the trench of the DEATHSTAR -although I don't have the Star Wars models perhaps this SSC could be used as a guide.

Posted: 08.05.2003, 19:55

I think I should mention this to advise any people suffering from epilepsy that the screen will FLASH when applying the above SSC. Especially if you set the the time greater than 1x and your earth texture is capable of specular reflections.

Take Care


Posted: 10.05.2003, 11:32
by Guest
Just noticed that if flying at the 30 degree inclination to get a better effect of flying straight ahead add the Obliquity after the Orientation settings as thus;

Obliquity 30