I am back from the dead, in a way

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I am back from the dead, in a way

Post #1by Kochav Israel » 07.07.2020, 21:32

I came up with an idea for my universe where people actually live on stars, and some of the biggest stars have six-digit radii in terms of the Sun.
Chemical elements go all the way up to Z = 20'000 (after that there is just physical impracticality), and there exists a concept of "biological visa" which when a lifeform can travel into arbitrary atmosphere and conditions without a spacesuit.

I figured I make a time convention where 0 = big bang and 2001.6937 (9/11) = 66 Ma, extinction of the dinosaurs. This puts 1974-1982 in the Triassic, 1982-1990 in Jurassic and 1990-2001 in cretaceous. This is to write fanfiction to Air Crash Investigation. Also I finally did some real astronomy instead of whatever is being taught at college. In addition I am back to addon creation, where I will probably just make a universe with all the stars involved in fiction. Today is my first time writing addons since what feels like forever.

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