Back from the dead!

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Back from the dead!

Post #1by SpaceFanatic64 » 08.05.2020, 22:17

So, it has finally come, the day when I'm no longer interested in Trainz. I was starting to miss Celestia, and now I'm back! I am happy to return to the community, and it's nice to still see this place thriving. I've reinstalled Celestia Origin and immediately the memories of freely exploring space came back. It feels so nice to see all of you guys again!
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Post #2by SevenSpheres » 08.05.2020, 22:32

Welcome back, SpaceFanatic64! (and sorry for confusing you in your previous thread...)
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Post #3by LukeCEL » 08.05.2020, 22:41

Welcome back!

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Post #4by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 08.05.2020, 22:44

Welcome back :smile:
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Post #5by Sirius_Alpha » 08.05.2020, 22:44

I am very happy to see you have returned!
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Post #6by Gurren Lagann » 09.05.2020, 00:47

Welcome back!
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Post #7by Joey P. » 09.05.2020, 21:04

Have a warm welcome back. :)
Joey P.

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