Celestia Worldbuilding Project (archive of deleted posts)

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Celestia Worldbuilding Project (archive of deleted posts)

Post #1by SevenSpheres » 03.04.2020, 02:49

For some reason, Lafuente_Astronomy deleted the first four posts in the Celestia Worldbuilding Project thread with absolutely no prior discussion, so the beginning of CelWP is no longer documented and the original addon files are no longer available. These posts should not have been deleted as they were not spam.

However, I was able to find the deleted posts in Google Web Cache! They are saved here for posterity.

Lafuente_Astronomy @ 17.01.2020, 23:28 wrote:Hello everyone! Lafuente_Astronomy here!

There has been discussions in the Discord about making our own Worldbuilding Project, as inspired by the Collaborative Worldbuilding Project(CWP), which Gurren Lagann, a fellow Celestian, is a member.

These discussions erupted because Gurren requested SVision to create a supermassive black hole for the project, and whine it was just supposed to be that, many other members soon express that we have such a project so that the Celestians can participate and express their creativity.

Now, that dream is a reality

I present to you, the CELESTIA WORLDBUILDING PROJECT! Yup, the acronym is the same but the purpose is different

I'll start the project by laying its very foundation: The Galaxy known as Margathea (Which is taken from the CWP, which was inspired by A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"), and its central black hole, known as The Oculus, which the very same black hole Svision made for the project.

From this point on, anyone who wants to make a contribution to this project, feel free to, and there's only 1 rule(Though other rules may come up as we go): Place your addons within the confines of the galaxy(Which includes the Stellar Halo, so don't worry). Thankfully I made it large enough.

So, here's the addon that you can install:
Celestia Worldbuilding Project.rar
(10.69 MiB) Downloaded 61 times

Credits go to: SVision for The Oculus Black Hole
The Galaxy was rendered by me

So, enjoy the wide new world and make your dream world a reality!
SevenSpheres @ 17.01.2020, 23:36 wrote:Alternatively, the worldbuilding project can be based on M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) which thanks to Cham and LukeCEL already has a stellar distribution for it, as well as (real) globular clusters and (fictional) nebulae. Download: CELcollab Base Pack.zip

And here is The Oculus in M31: CELcollab - Oculus.zip

Lafuente_Astronomy @ 17.01.2020, 23:36 wrote:Oh, and also: If you want to create satellite galaxies or other galaxies, thereby making our own galactic group, feel free to, but make sure that it would be like a realistic galaxy system, and make sure you place it in a different position otherwise 2 galaxies might be in the same place.

Added after 2 minutes 13 seconds:
SevenSpheres wrote:Alternatively, the worldbuilding project can be based on M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) which thanks to Cham and LukeCEL already has a stellar distribution for it, as well as fictional nebulae. Download: CELcollab Base Pack.zip

Let me see if I can somehow place that stellar distribution there as well

Added after 3 hours 43 minutes:
Update: For more stars, you may download SevenSpheres' version, since there are several stars in there. If however, you want to test out multiple star systems and create your own stars, use the one originally posted above
fyr02 @ 18.01.2020, 04:22 wrote:The Celestia Worldbuilding Project Kickoff!: CWP's first planet

This addon adds CWP's first planet, Wezeren - a hot Jupiter orbiting the yellow dwarf star Rezarica.
I specifically chose a hot Jupiter as they were the first type of planets discovered orbiting non-degenerate stars - I thought it fitting to start with a hot Jupiter here as well.



This addon adds Rezarica and Wezeren to M31/Andromeda Galaxy, as I am not able to get The Oculus in Magrathea to work properly.

Download Here
{1.16 MB}
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