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How to properly credit images of planets for commercial use

Posted: 18.05.2019, 23:57
by AstrologyArt

I am an artist and amateur astrologer. I plan to combine the two by creating astrology natal charts for clients that visually & realistically show the actual planets, for sale.

From some older threads (at least 9 or 10 years old) I gather that commercial use is ok so long as it is from the original software designers and not the creators of the add ons. Specifically, I am only interested in using the photorealistic Celestia images of the actual planets and asteroids used in astrology.

Although there are photo stock sites and Hubble, Celestia has clearer pictures that look more authentic.

I would like to know the updated, current exact way to give credit now & if commercial use is ok.

Thanks so much, any feedback is appreciated- have a good day all :smile:

Posted: 22.05.2019, 23:03
by AstrologyArt

Posted: 23.05.2019, 08:49
by onetwothree
Basically it's ok, but not all images used by Celestia allows commercial usage, actually a lot of them doesn't have a licence information.

Posted: 23.05.2019, 11:57
by AstrologyArt
Thanks for responding. How do I find out the permission for each image? Just want to use the planets and asteroids.

Posted: 23.05.2019, 16:07
by onetwothree
I'm afraid that the most textures of planets and asteroids used in <= 1.6.1 are not for commercial usage. Maybe only the Blue Marble can be used.

Posted: 23.05.2019, 22:12
by AstrologyArt
If you are for sure there is no commercial use, I do have a back up plan :) I use Filter Forge which has many different planetary filters.

Just would have loved the authenticity of actual images of the planets in my work.

Since you used the word "maybe", is that the official answer?
If you don't know for sure, perhaps you or someone could point me to someone who is certain?

It would be nice to have an updated terms of use for the images version 1.6.1
Or, another option -

Is a download link to the old version with commercial usage still available?

Posted: 25.05.2019, 15:23
by onetwothree
You can follow links from to get broader understanding. In two worlds: original images for Celestia were taken form different sites most of which has disappeared so we are unable to clarify their original licenses.

Added after 2 minutes 22 seconds:
Also you can check contents of the following file: ... stia-nonfree_1.6.1.orig.tar.gz These files are not for commercial usage. Files from ... a_1.6.1 dfsg-3.1.debian.tar.xz can be used for your purpose.

Posted: 25.05.2019, 23:38
by AstrologyArt
Ahh! Finally found the old, original quote about commercial usage here in this forum FAQ

Scroll down to GENERAL QUESTIONS #6

6. I have created pictures/videos with Celestia. May I sell them or use them for or in commercial productions?
The answer to that question is twofold.
If the pictures and movies were created by you by using only the official distributed copy of Celestia they are yours to do with as you want. In any case if you are using pictures/videos made with Celestia you have to recite Celestia as the origin.
If you create pictures or movies using Addons, however, then you have to abide by the license of that Addon. Most Addon creators allow their works to be used freely for educational purposes, but forbid commercial use. In any case it is a good idea to contact the creator of the Addon and ask for his permission.

However, I have decided to stick with Filter Forge for now lol

I only use graphics commercially if it is crystal clear and certain that it is ok. I am sure I am not the only one interested in this & hopefully in the future, the usage terms will be clearly updated for Celestia 1.6.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond :smile:

Posted: 26.05.2019, 06:13
by John Van Vliet
all of mine are

so there are two credit lines

1) NASA/JPL /John Van Vliet
2) ESA / John Van Vlet

Posted: 26.05.2019, 17:08
by Kilo_SSK
Thanks! I've actually come here because I was searching for images for an indie game and found Celestia.
So, if it ever becomes something serious, then I'll know who to credit! Although will it really be for commercial use if I don't ask money for it or don't put it on online game shops and only send it to friends?

Posted: 03.06.2019, 15:47
by fyr02
I believe for add-ons you pretty much only have to credit the maker unless otherwise specified