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Posted: 10.05.2019, 13:06
by Cham
Drop the unzipped folder into your addons directory, and use the included script (put it inside your scripts directory). Visit the "Suffering Earth", "Suffering Mars" and "Suffering Jupiter" ("Terre Souffrante", "Mars Souffrante" and "Jupiter Souffrante", in French).

It's in French, but you should be able to translate everything to your language very easily. Don't forget to open and save the files under the UTF8 format.

I'm not responsible for the troubles you may get with this old addon. I will not work on it for you.

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Posted: 10.05.2019, 17:29
by Art Blos
As part of "Celestia Origin" has long been such an addon, which uses more accurate theoretical calculations (orbits, object sizes, and so on).

There is just such an addon on Motherlode

Posted: 12.05.2019, 19:47
by fsgregs
For years, a big Red Giant addon has been available on the Motherlode, but it has been included as one of several addons in one of the Celestia Educational Activities . As a F/u to this post, I have now just uploaded it to the Motherlode as its own separate addon, called "Red-Giant'". Look for it in a few days. It is a quite spectacular view of the dramatic scenes one will find near Earth, Mars and Jupiter when our sun becomes a Red Supergiant sun in 5 billion years.

Included in the addon is a read-me file which contains cel:url "click here" links that will take you to some great viewpoints near the Red Giant sun. Here is one screenshot.


To use, simply unzip the addon into the extras folder, launch Celestia, open the read-me file and click the first "click here" link.


Posted: 25.07.2019, 11:05
by Adirondack