Discussion on celestia.Sci's User Interface

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Discussion on celestia.Sci's User Interface

Post #1by tutu10 » 23.01.2019, 03:50

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Reason: The message is deleted at the request of Fridger (aka t00fri)

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Post #2by john71 » 23.01.2019, 19:17


I think you posted this on the "wrong" Celestia forum.

Are you sure t00fri allowed this? :think:

I think we would be glad to help testing celestia.Sci, by the way...

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celestia.Sci's User Interface

Post #3by t00fri » 24.01.2019, 15:31


from where did you get access to our celestia.Sci code??? Our code resides in a PRIVATE Github repository until it will be made public by myself and the dev team in due time.

I have refused and deleted your application as member of CelestialMatters forum, since you are led as a HACKER by Forum Spam Trap.

I stongly advise our friends here at the Celestia forum to also ban such unpleasant characters without moral right away!!

Fridger (aka t00fri)

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Post #4by onetwothree » 24.01.2019, 17:34

Unlike t00fri we are glad to invite any hackers to work on our code! :)

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Post #5by john71 » 25.01.2019, 14:13

Well, I hope it does not mean the Celestia code will be malicious. :eek:

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