Is there a way to setup a "landscape" like in stellarium?

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Is there a way to setup a "landscape" like in stellarium?

Post #1by Beddu » 12.09.2018, 14:24

Hi everybody,

actually the question is already written in the subject of this post. I like to use Celestia as a planetarium more than Stellarium, but I like very much the "landscape" of stellarium, a function that let the user overlay a custom panoramic picture to the sky view to simulate the actual view from your backyard, window, top of mountain and so on.
With Celestia would be good and interesting something like that, and would also let us simulate, for example, the view from a window of the ISS!

Is there a way to do it already, is it maybe planned for the future, or I must drop my hope and forget it?


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Post #2by gironde » 12.09.2018, 14:40

it would be necessary to bring the 'observer' into the ISS, with a Longlat, and facing a porthole.

the Cockpit module does this in LET and LUT5, but it overlays a cockpit image of a spaceship in celestia's screen. The observer finds himself in a ship that travels where you want and you see the space through the porthole.

In your case, the ISS simply turns around the Earth, it's a little different. But it is an idea to observe the Earth (only).

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Post #3by Fenerit » 13.09.2018, 18:44

You should build a 3D landscape through a 3D modeler and then put it on the ground of your observing site by using a .SSC. There are several free 3D modelers which could make all you need: grass, trees, lakes, mountains and so on.
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