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Alexell: Is this forum welcoming new members?

Posted: 30.11.2017, 00:48
by Chuft-Captain
A colleague is unable to be recognized as a full member, and messages to admin have been ignored for weeks.
As the forum only appears to currently have ~ 1/2 a dozen active members, if the plan is to grow the popularity of the forum, then perhaps admin needs to be a bit more proactive in welcoming new members and activating their accounts.
Back in the day, had 100's of regularly active members, but a lot of potential new members at this forum are probably just giving up because it's too hard to join and they have no way to contact administrators or when they do, they are totally ignored.
IMO, new members need to be approved within a few days, or they will lose interest (and sooner or later, so will I). was a thriving community with multiple activities and points of view, which was what made it interesting.
Do we want to grow this community again, or not?