Launching support?

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Launching support?

Post #1by Sterling94 » 07.06.2017, 13:15

I am very new to open-source Celestia software because I recently downloaded and installed Celestia v1.60. Also, I have Orbiter simulator as well. I have some questions for you. Does it support launching from ground into orbit like in Orbiter simulator software? Also, I was searching for apollo, space shuttle, soyuz, etc but unable find any add-ons for them. Where does anyone know them are?

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Post #2by Alexell » 11.06.2017, 20:14

Sterling94, Hey. Unfortunately, I did not use the Orbiter.

The launch from ground is possible according with navigation tools (e.g. Lua Universal Tools, published on this forum) or through scripts. You can write any scripts. There are also ready, you can learn more about them here.
There is, for example, a launch from the Earth surface.

Spacecrafts are available here:
On Earth's orbit
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