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Posted: 20.01.2021, 07:02
by novaterra
Yes, i got a detailled model with true colors.



Posted: 20.01.2021, 07:51
by john71
Very nice! How did you convert it? What was the source version? I used the 2019 NASA version, but it is very hard to convert.

Posted: 21.01.2021, 07:14
by novaterra
john71 wrote:Very nice! How did you convert it? What was the source version? I used the 2019 NASA version, but it is very hard to convert.
No, I use a 2009 model.
All lwo's parts had been updated in cmod objects.

Posted: 21.01.2021, 08:41
by bh
I'm using Linuxman's excellent NASA conversion...


Posted: 21.01.2021, 12:12
by john71
bh wrote:I'm using Linuxman's excellent NASA conversion...

Thank you for the link!

Added after 6 hours 7 minutes:
Enhanced real Neptune clouds 16k:

Neptune enhanced 1.png
Neptune enhanced 2.png
Neptune enhanced 3.png
Neptune enhanced 4.png
Neptune enhanced 5.png
Neptune enhanced 6.png

Posted: 21.01.2021, 22:05
by Gurren Lagann
Just asking, but how did you manage to find/make a 16k texture for Neptune? I want to have one in my Celestia install!

And what about Saturn and its rings?

Posted: 22.01.2021, 06:52
by john71
I used Voyager 2 data to create and enhance new layers.
Saturn too can be enhanced to 16k.

Added after 1 hour 39 minutes:
Saturn Cassini layer 16k:

Saturn 2021 enh - 1.png

Added after 11 hours 46 minutes:
Saturn is a very-very difficult planet. New 16k texture:

Posted: 23.01.2021, 12:52
by john71
Edited polar region and more cream-like texture quality:


Added after 1 hour 54 minutes:
Smaller hexagon and a single storm:


Added after 48 minutes 12 seconds:


Posted: 24.01.2021, 18:08
by john71
Ariel 16k:

Ariel 16k-1.png
Ariel 16k-2.png
Ariel 16k-3.png

Added after 1 hour 10 minutes:
Titania 8k:


Added after 3 hours 12 minutes:
Rhea 16k:

Rhea 16k-1.png
Rhea 16k-2.png
Rhea 16k-3.png

Added after 11 hours 48 minutes:
Oberon 8k:

Oberon 8k-1.png

Added after 1 hour 49 minutes:
Iapetus (2), Umbriel (1) and Tethys (2):

Iapetus 16k-1.png

Iapetus 16k-2.png
Umbriel 8k-1.png
Tethys 16k-1.png
Tethys 16k-2.png

Added after 1 hour 23 minutes:
Dione 32k:

Dione 32k-1.png
Dione 32k-2.png
Dione 32k-3.png
Dione 32k-4.png

Added after 1 hour 7 minutes:
Eris and Dysnomia 8k (fictional):

Eris 8k-1.png
Dysnomia 8k-1.png

Added after 3 hours 43 minutes:
Mimas 16k:

Mimas 16k-1.png
Mimas 16k-2.png

Posted: 25.01.2021, 21:29
by Diigg
bh wrote:Saturn/Cassini...

What textures you used for Saturn?

Posted: 26.01.2021, 06:59
by novaterra
My latest human ship into Celestia.


Posted: 26.01.2021, 08:12
by bh
bh wrote:

What textures you used for Saturn?

I can't remember where I got it.

Posted: 26.01.2021, 19:13
by john71
Real Saturn:

Saturn new texture:

Saturn new 001.png
Saturn new 002.png
Saturn new 003.png

Added after 2 hours 26 minutes:
Saturn 3 layers combined:

Saturn new 004.png
Saturn new 005.png
Saturn new 006.png

Posted: 27.01.2021, 06:01
by novaterra
Dream Chaser arrives near ISS.


Posted: 27.01.2021, 10:49
by bh

Posted: 27.01.2021, 21:29
by john71
Still editing Saturn:


Posted: 27.01.2021, 21:31
by bh
Very nice John!

Posted: 27.01.2021, 21:37
by john71
bh wrote:Very nice John!

Thank you! Real Saturn picture link, it is very hard to simulate this texture:

Posted: 28.01.2021, 06:55
by novaterra
bh wrote:Great!
TY bh.

Here is the shuttle ready to join ISS over south atlantic ocean.


Posted: 28.01.2021, 20:09
by john71
I officially HATE Saturn. Final pictures:

Saturn final-1.png
Saturn final-2.png
Saturn final-3.png
Saturn final-4.png