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Posted: 11.07.2020, 17:43
by SVision
I also distribute my screenshots
And then constantly publish everything in a discord :wink:

My brown dwarf(brown dwarfs are known to have a short rotation period)




and a star of a dwarf galaxy (it was long ago when I created it, maybe DDO 50) and exotic (quark "star" and electroweak "star").The color of exotic objects is due to the very high temperature.




Added after 6 minutes 35 seconds:
Unconfirmed exoplanet near the red dwarf.The planet in size refers to the type of mini-neptune

Posted: 11.07.2020, 20:47
by Trolligi 112477
Those are some incredible stars! Nice work Vision! :clap:

Posted: 12.07.2020, 09:14
by jujuapapa
No life without good stars...

Paradise 21_arb.jpg

This planet turns around a sub-giant type-M.

Posted: 12.07.2020, 11:36
by Trolligi 112477
jujuapapa wrote:No life without good stars...

Very true
It makes stars way more interesting and good-looking if you use star textures, because you can actually see what the star would look like. eg. sunspots, hotspots/coldspots, rotation darkening, etc. :wink:

Added after 6 minutes 13 seconds:
Oh and by the way, Vision, the electroweak star you have is actually the size of an electroweak star core. The actual star itself is a mostly normal neutron star.

Posted: 12.07.2020, 18:19
by SevenSpheres
Lots of nearby exoplanets, most textures made in GIMP using solid noise (a few are by fyr02). Ring textures are easy to make too.

Top: Proxima c, Proxima b, Barnard's Star b; bottom: Wolf 359 b, Wolf 359 c, Lalande 21185 b

Top: Epsilon Eridani b, Gliese 887 b, Gliese 887 c; middle: Ross 128 b, Gliese 15 Ab; bottom: Gliese 725 Bb, Gliese 725 Bc, Gliese 15 Ac

Posted: 13.07.2020, 04:48
by jujuapapa
A 'corner' of paradise lost in dark space...

Paradise 22_ant.jpg

Lot of water and few continents.

Posted: 17.07.2020, 04:53
by jujuapapa
A young world for life... but a little dry.

Paradise 23_aji.jpg

like Dune ?

Posted: 18.07.2020, 04:12
by MrSpace43
Jool and it's 3 largest moons, Laythe, Vall, and Tylo.
Jool and Its Large Moons.png
(this is from my Kerbol system addon)

Posted: 18.07.2020, 16:05
by SevenSpheres
Barnard's Star b

Ægir/Epsilon Eridani b

Gliese 15 Ac (the bright star in the background is Gliese 15 B)

Luyten's Star b (the bright star in the background is Procyon)

Luyten's Star e, with Procyon in the background again

Kepler-1649 b

Kepler-1649 c

GJ 1061 c & d

Gliese 687 b & c

Posted: 18.07.2020, 16:31
by bh
Very lovely mr 7!

Posted: 28.07.2020, 15:34
by jujuapapa
Life is a miracle ?

Paradise 24_ang.jpg

Posted: 03.08.2020, 06:16
by jujuapapa
but humanity is like a mortal virus... :eek:

Paradise 25_ant.jpg

An iced planet like Earth in 20,000 BC JC

Posted: 06.08.2020, 04:34
by jujuapapa
First inhabited planet of 3 (the hotter) in this planetary system...

Paradise 26_alt.jpg

Posted: 11.08.2020, 07:51
by jujuapapa
Second inhabited planet of 3 (the temperate) in this planetary system...

Paradise 26_alt2.jpg

Posted: 11.08.2020, 16:45
by bh
HST and Earth VT by Jestr, clouds by moi...

Posted: 12.08.2020, 02:25
by SevenSpheres
Earth, 2 billion years ago (texture by fyr02)

Gliese 15 Ac again...

Romano's Star, an LBV in the Triangulum Galaxy
Romano's Star.png

Procedurally generated stars in the Pisces dwarf galaxy
(I wrote a program to generate them, which is available here)

A procedural red giant star in NGC 604 (model by nussun)

Posted: 12.08.2020, 06:19
by jujuapapa
Third inhabited planet of 3 (the colder) in this planetary system...

Paradise 26_alt3.jpg

Posted: 20.08.2020, 06:30
by jujuapapa
Temperate place to live...

Paradise 27_axa.jpg

Posted: 20.08.2020, 19:58
by SevenSpheres
Teegarden's Star c - made this a few days ago, experimenting with different ocean colors


Posted: 21.08.2020, 18:52
by jujuapapa
What is the white thing on the right side of the planet ?

It seems so perfect that it's not natural... :fie: