How big are your Celestia folders?

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How big are your Celestia folders?

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 02.07.2012, 05:54

Basically, how big is your Celestia folder? If you have more than one installation, how big is the biggest one? Or, alternatively, what is the combined size of your Celestia folders?

For the actual Celestia install (I only have one) on my HD, 8.49 gigs. My CelestiaBackups folder is 3.04 gigs. The Celestia folder in my Downloads section, for storing Celestia-related internet downloads, it's 6.34 gigs, 4.06 of which are public domain satellite images for VT's (counting the ones that have been split into actual VT's). Combined, it's all 17.87 gigs.

How big are yours? :)
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Re: How big are your Celestia folders?

Post #2by Reiko » 02.07.2012, 06:36

My install folder is about 13GB and the backup folder plus related downloads is about 130GB. :blue:

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Re: How big are your Celestia folders?

Post #3by John Van Vliet » 03.07.2012, 04:52

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Re: How big are your Celestia folders?

Post #4by H2SO4 » 11.07.2012, 18:53

Just under 5GB. I really thought it would be larger than that, I have quite a few add ons in the extra folder. *shrug*

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Re: How big are your Celestia folders?

Post #5by Cambapo » 13.07.2012, 03:51

Mine is just like 12 GB. The thing with most weight are the texture add-ons. I don't have any add-on of Star Treck or that stuff, just textures and real space missions.

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