Enhanced atmospheres?

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Enhanced atmospheres?

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 17.03.2012, 01:16

I remember a while back, Chris previewed improved atmosphere renderings, to be implemented in Celestia 1.7 or later. Has that been implemented yet into the codes that one can get from sourceforge and compile into a Celestia build?
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Re: Enhanced atmospheres?

Post #2by Cambapo » 17.03.2012, 21:25

I have the same question, and another one. Ie, I dunno how to compile that version, ie, I've downloaded some files that appear to be recently modified, but I can't notice any change from the stable release of the oficial page. An by the way, what type or improvement you say? I haven't seen anything. Can you please describe it or put some screenshots?

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