What do you use Celestia for?

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What do you Celestia for?

Educational/Classroom setting
Personal enjoyment
Work setting
No votes
To make addons for the enjoyment of others
Other (please specify)
Total votes: 30

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What do you use Celestia for?

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 18.10.2011, 05:07

I'm not sure if we've had such a poll before, but if we haven't, it is long overdue.

What do you use Celestia for, and why?

As for myself, I use it for personal entertainment, because I find looking at the planets and stars in Celestia, and coding SSC and STC fun.
TERRIER wrote:I mainly use it as a night sky reference from my hometown location, and I also regularly check up on the Cassini mission.
I forgot to include that in the poll. :(

People who use Celestia for night time stargazing can put it under "other". :)
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Re: What do you use Celestia for?

Post #2by Hungry4info » 18.10.2011, 23:48

Other: Sustenance of my life.

Nah, personal use and informal education.
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Re: What do you use Celestia for?

Post #3by Tegmine » 19.10.2011, 12:17

20 some years ago, I had recieved the book, Cycles of Fire by William K. Hartmann and Ron Miller. To put it mildly, it blew me away, and began my fixation with astronomical illustration. (My art teacher at the time said she knew Mr. Miller and even offered to make an introduction...sadly it never happened.) I had also became fascinated with the prospect of extrasolar planets, although none at that time had yet been found. August of '89 was marked on my calendar for several reasons: Perseids, total lunar eclipse, and the Voyager flyby of Neptune. Being the good little geek, I stayed up all night and watched the live pix come in. (Thanks PBS!!)

When I found Celestia, I found I could created my own systems, see what others conceptualized, and travel to just about wherever I wanted to. It is the culmination of my obsessions.


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Re: What do you use Celestia for?

Post #4by bh » 26.11.2011, 18:04

I use Celestia for my personal enjoyment...

Mostly I use it for earth viewing - I find it most relaxing to set a view then follow at x10 speed.


I'm using Jestr's superb 64k VT with John's lovely 32k clouds VT.

My only gripe is my mac is of such a low spec that I can only get 5 fps and still no night lights...

I would love to get Celestia to look like this...


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Re: What do you use Celestia for?

Post #5by TERRIER » 29.11.2011, 12:19

I mainly use it as a night sky reference from my hometown location, and I also regularly check up on the Cassini mission.
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