CICLOPS Imaging as seen in Celestia 17th September 2011

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CICLOPS Imaging as seen in Celestia 17th September 2011

Post #1by TERRIER » 18.09.2011, 23:25

I've just updated my website by adding some more cel/url links that covers CICLOPS imaging for Cassini's latest orbit of Saturn REV 153 (Sep 3rd to Sep 22nd 2011)

Link to my 2011 CICLOPS page is :
All links use the standard Celestia trajectory for the Cassini Solstice mission which is included in Celestia version 1.6.1

[The CICLOPS page I used as a reference can be found at]

My final link on my latest updated page is for 17 September, and shows Cassini's view of a mutual event involving Titan (3 million km distance away), Dione, Saturn's Rings and Pandora, which I think is fantastic.

Here's a pic :

Once again here's the cel/url link that shows this :

cel://Follow/Sol:Cassini/2011-09-17T11: ... rc=0&ver=3

Keep things running and other moons add to the spectacular show...and what else do I there a ring shadow on Titan?.

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Re: CICLOPS Imaging as seen in Celestia 17th September 2011

Post #2by bh » 22.09.2011, 07:27

Great pics TERRIER!

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