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Posted: 21.06.2011, 20:02
by BonnyTsjok
Installed Celestia on my desktop and after starting up it was in the Dutch language (I'm living in Holland). Installed the same on my laptop and it came out in English. Was not able to change it. Any ideas???

Re: Language

Posted: 21.06.2011, 20:09
by ajtribick
The language used depends on the localisation settings of the operating system. Set your OS to Dutch and it should come out in Dutch.

Re: Language

Posted: 21.06.2011, 22:12
by CAP-Team
If you delete the Locale folder in the Celestia folder, the program reverts back to English.

Als je de map Locale uit de Celestia map verwijdert, dan is Celestia weer standaard in het Engels.

Euhmm dat is als je dus Engels boven Nederlands prefereert :)
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