Looking for extra stellar textures

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Looking for extra stellar textures

Post #1by Spaceman » 02.03.2010, 18:59

Hello :D

I'm looking for an addon that changes the textures of the stars. I don't mean gradius fanatic's addons at Motherlode but an another addon somewhere at the forum. If i remember correctly, they appear somewhere at 2008, but i can't find them.

A little help please? :(
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Re: Looking for extra stellar textures

Post #2by t00fri » 02.03.2010, 21:13

Why don't you simply use the search engine? (of course, NOT the crappy one of this forum, but
Google with the word 'Celestia' added;-) )

After 30 seconds(!) I found e.g. this one


and a whole thread (2008) about New Star Textures. Since you didn't specify more precisely
what you were looking for, I got to stop here. My search CERTAINLY took less time than the writing of
your post ;-)

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Re: Looking for extra stellar textures

Post #3by John Van Vliet » 03.03.2010, 02:21

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Post #4by Joey P. » 20.03.2019, 18:53

The ones already suggested are the ones I use. There are also (realistic) black-body star textures here:
Joey P.

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