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Start here: FAQs, features, news & collections

Post #1by selden » 08.05.2007, 22:05

The Celestia Users Web forum allows postings to be made "Sticky" so they stay at the top of the list. This is usually done for topics that have some long term interest or that are important in some way.

Unfortunately, the number of Sticky Topics continues to increase. It has become large enough that it has been awkward to find non-sticky postings.

As an alternative, here is a list of Sticky-Worthy topics.

+ A Preliminary Celestia User's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions: What's wrong? & How do I...?)

+ Celestia v1.4.0 FAQ (OpenGL 2.0, etc)

+ Celestia under Vista (It works)

+ How to create a thumbnail image on a forum post (Make your readers happier)

+ The Feature Requests Collecting Thread (What's missing from Celestia?)

+ Celestia Educational Activities - 2006 - now with SOUND (Enhancements for teaching)

+ CelestialMatters News (Software, artwork, science & fun)

+ Post your Celestia pictures! (Celestia eye-candy)

+ Articles on Celestia: Found some, post them here. (How others use the program)
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