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Log of banned members

Post #1by SevenSpheres » 27.09.2020, 01:15

I have to make this thread because the phpBB software won't let me write long ban messages. Anyway...this is a log of users who have been permanently banned for something other than, say "Spam". Hopefully it will remain just the one.

Ban evasion - user's promotion of celestiaaddons.wixsite.com (which was created by banned user bdfd) and signature reading "I lost my old user, so with us: since more 12 years" indicate that he is bdfd. Also sockpuppetry (bluemoon) and repeated trolling/flaming even after multiple warnings and a temp ban. AFAICT bdfd was banned for similar reasons (trolling, sockpuppetry, and also copyright violations). (Note: three of bdfd's sockpuppets remain listed as banned members - mousse, wieczor, nemetonia - the other accounts were apparently deleted when the forum was restored.)

(Full disclosure: the main thing that prompted the ban was the addition of the mentioned line to his signature, effectively confirming that he is bdfd.)
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