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New site/forum server and adminstrator

Posted: 03.07.2020, 09:27
by onetwothree
Hello celestian community.

As some of you already know, Alexell who was running this server, decided to cut all connections with Celestia. So we had to urgently create a new server and host the site and the forum there. I did this so now I'm the forum owner as well.

What does it mean for other community members?

First, no more narcissistic authoritarians who wants to control and sanction everything, if you want to create online community on a new platform just do it, don't ask permission, don't transfer ownership. I only do technical job with the server.

Second, remember about Bus factor. We need at least one volunteer to help with the server administration and domain management.

Posted: 03.07.2020, 15:58
by Art Blos
Let the new era begin!

Posted: 03.07.2020, 18:58
by trappistplanets

Posted: 03.07.2020, 21:22
by Anthony_B_Russo10
And other new communication channels made won't have to go through what the Discord server and subreddit went through.

Posted: 04.07.2020, 08:56
by jujuapapa
And briefly, do we know the reasons for this change? :eek:

Posted: 04.07.2020, 10:40
by onetwothree
Alexell isn't interested in Celestia anymore.

Posted: 07.07.2020, 02:18
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Awesome! I was late to the scene but congratulations to onetwothree for becoming the new Celestia admin!

Posted: 07.07.2020, 16:07
by LukeCEL
Since the Celestia website is now run by onetwothree, I think it's worth bringing this question back up. Could we work on translating the website into more languages?

Alexell started an initiative to translate the website here, and we got seven different languages. But after the website was redesigned, most of the translations were lost because they didn't make it onto the website.

Right now, we only have the Russian version ( but it's not linked anywhere, so its existence is a secret. On the thread that I linked above, we also have French and German, and on the Wayback machine I was able to find the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Posted: 08.07.2020, 10:10
by onetwothree
First we should convert the current html pages into a source files for tools like jekyll or nanoc, then we can start translation process.