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DDoS attacks

Posted: 20.10.2017, 16:39
by Alexell
Hello everyone!

I sincerely apologize for the fact that the Celestia website and forum was unavailable on October 19-20. :sad:

The fact is that on my server started an organized DDoS attack with a traffic flow of 2-7 Gbps and my server's IP addresses were blocked from the higher provider to stop the traffic flow. :help:

In this regard, I had to urgently search for a data center connected to DDoS Guard, order a server from them and transfer all data. Now this process is successfully completed and all my resources work in the regular mode. :think:

P.S. DDoS attacks on my resources are still going on, but now this is not a problem! :smoke:
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Posted: 20.10.2017, 17:46
by Art Blos
Wow. I thought it was you doing something with the forum.

Posted: 21.10.2017, 10:34
by Alexell
Art Blos, No. On October 19-20, all of my resources were unavailable, not just the Celestia site.

Posted: 21.10.2017, 12:43
by Art Blos
Alexell wrote:all of my resources were unavailable
There is something to think about...