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Celestia website is now working via HTTPS (important)

Posted: 24.01.2017, 11:42
by Alexell
Hi all!
From now Celestia site and forum work via HTTPS. Secure connection validated by SSL certificate from the GlobalSign.

1. Forbidden insert images from external sites in the [img] tag.
2. The images can be added as attachments.
3. If you want to resize or preview image, use our free image hosting service for Celestia Forums.

Example image from this servise:

If your posts are no longer displayed images, edit the posts and upload the images as attachments or through our image hosting service.

Posted: 29.01.2017, 22:16
by Coder206
Thank you Alexell!

Posted: 15.02.2017, 14:11
by joshefmaria
Very Nice News!!

I hope Celestia Is More Secure ..


Posted: 18.08.2017, 05:23
by Alexell
Upload images for guests now disabled, because there are many pictures not on the subject Celestia. Currently, I think how best to continue the image hosting service.

Posted: 20.08.2017, 14:47
by Alexell
All images that are not related to Celestia I deleted from the image hosting.

!!! Now for uploading images to the hosting, you need to log in as:
Login: Celestia
Password: Celestia161

Posted: 20.08.2017, 15:07
by selden
What's the purpose for uploading images separately from including images in a post?

I don't see any menu options to view the forum's gallery, for example.

Posted: 20.08.2017, 15:26
by Alexell
selden, An opportunity to get a preview of the desired size and ready-made bb-code or html-code. You can still upload images as attachments. And who wants to, can upload to the hosting.

Posted: 30.09.2017, 08:04
by Alexell
The forum has been moved to a new domain and is temporarily running by HTTP. Soon the domain will also have an SSL certificate installed and a secure connection will appear.