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Forum moderator wanted!

Posted: 26.12.2016, 18:48
by Alexell
Hello everyone.
Earlier forum moderated by Selden Ball. But after I revived the forum, he refused to be the moderator.

We have a first message premoderation for every new users. But I can not visit forum every day and sometimes it turns out that new registered user write a message, and I'm only a few days it will publish. Will agree this is not good. :sad:
Therefore, I need a forum moderator.

Tasks are simple:
1. Go to the Moderator Control Panel

2. Open every message and check the spam or not.
3. Accept the decision to approve or disapprove the message.

For example so it looks disapprove message:

I would like to make a forum moderator oldest resident of forum - a person who was registered here for several years.

Posted: 27.12.2016, 09:11
by FarGetaNik
Will there be several moderators then, or just someone else? Because I could imagine other people have the same problem as well, not having the time to visit the forum every day. I know I would.

Posted: 28.12.2016, 09:47
by Alexell
FarGetaNik, Well, I can assign two people for example. In total we will have three people. Though some of us once a day will go here.

Added after 1 minute 29 seconds:
Just the problem is that nobody wants to be the moderator. I created this topic 2 days ago, and no one except you did not write anything.

Posted: 28.12.2016, 18:33
by john71
Maybe the forum doesn't really need a "super active" moderator...Maybe you just need to check the new members more thoroughly and it will be OK...

Posted: 29.12.2016, 07:48
by Alexell
john71, I repeat once again, new users can not write a message on a forum without being moderated. When the first message of the new user is approved, the rest of the messages he will be able to write without moderate. This is the simplest protection against spam. I'm not saying that I need a "super-active" moderator. There are not a lot of people a day are registered and written. Sometimes a couple of messages a day to check, sometimes a little more. Basically it's just spam to be disapprove.

I just need someone who will be able to once a day (eg in the evening) visit forum and spend as 5 minutes to check for new messages in the MCP. Or at least every 2 days.

Posted: 29.12.2016, 07:53
by FarGetaNik
Alexell wrote:I just need someone who will be able to once a day (eg in the evening) visit forum and spend as 5 minutes to check for new messages in the MCP. Or at least every 2 days.

Well I could do that in principle. I won't have the time to for the next 2 weeks or so though. But I'm not sure what to disapprove, because obviously I've not seen any obvious spam on this forum, just some suspicious posts in ver poor english, can't blame them. But I think they turned out fine.

Posted: 29.12.2016, 07:59
by Alexell
FarGetaNik, you did not see spam in the forum, because messages from new members are moderated and are not visible on the forum, as long as I do not approve of. Due to pre-moderation, the forum there is never spam.

Added after 1 hour 4 minutes:
From today, the forum moderator - Hungry4info.

Posted: 17.08.2017, 17:25
by Alexell
It is required to simply check new messages in moderation panel. Details are described in 1 message of this topic.

Added after 1 minute 15 seconds:
FarGetaNik, Do you want to help in this?

Posted: 20.08.2017, 07:23
by FarGetaNik
Alexell wrote:FarGetaNik, Do you want to help in this?

Yes I can help :wink:
How many active moderators are there at the moment?

Posted: 20.08.2017, 14:14
by Alexell
FarGetaNik, Me and you.
Hungry4info stopped visiting the forum :sad:
But if you often go to the forum, moderation will not take you much time. 3-5 minutes per day maximum.
On the day of 2-5 messages you should check everything, sometimes even less.