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Welcome to restored Celestia Forums

Posted: 10.08.2016, 14:21
by Alexell
Welcome to the newly relocated and updated Celestia website.
Thanks are due to Chris Laurel, who allowed to transfer website to a new URL. We have updated the top logo, documentation and downloads pages and we make the possibility of translating website into other languages.

Today we are launching a restored old Celestia Forums! Unfortunately, the old forum files (attachments and avatars) is lost, therefore many messages now without pictures. :sad:

Technical information:
  • Restored forum database from 28-01-2014 (phpBB 3.0.10)
  • Dump proved incorrect in some places, and it is fixed
  • Database merged to phpBBEx 2.0.4
  • Scripts and other files by phpBBEx is installed
  • Removed 5324 not activated user accounts
  • Removed ~ 1,400 users who have not a posts
  • Forum Settings and permissions changed
  • Forum launched

I encourage all of Celestia users to join the forum and restore activity in Celestia community. I also encourage all add-ons, textures, scripts and utilities developers, to join the forum and post your materials.

The forum will reappear users who will need help to use of Celestia and add-on development. Please expert users to help those who need help.

Posted: 10.08.2016, 16:47
by Adirondack
Great! :clap:


Posted: 10.08.2016, 16:55
by K.A.V
I am here again!

Posted: 10.08.2016, 18:47
by FarGetaNik
Great to get my account to work again! :smile: that was trouble resetting my password...
So we are supposed to repost anything relevant on this forum?

Posted: 10.08.2016, 19:22
by Alexell
FarGetaNik, Yes. If you managed to write something important at the temporary forum from 30 July to 8 August, the rewrite here.

Posted: 10.08.2016, 21:48
by Goofy
Hi all, happy to see the forum alive again, a very nice job, Alexell, thank you.
Bye soon.
Goofy :hi:

Posted: 11.08.2016, 00:59
by Don. Edwards
Well, who says the dead can't be resurrected. Interesting to see that someone actually tried to bring it back. I won't be active, but it is nice that I can at least point someone to the forum as a means of explaining the things I did in the past, even though all the imagery is gone. Sadly the loss of the image files is going to be very detrimental to the site as a whole as there simply is not going to be any way to point to references along the way. But for a historical archive of information about what Celestia was in the past it good to see it back. Its also nice that Chris at least had a working backup, not going to go into the previous issues with server migrations and total loss of data in the past because of some of his choices. Good luck with the site, and although I am pretty sure Celestia is pretty much a dead issue at this point, it is nice to know the forum is here. It is like having an old high school friend move in down the street. You know they are there, but you probably wont be visiting much.

Posted: 11.08.2016, 06:31
by john71
"I am pretty sure Celestia is pretty much a dead issue at this point" :fie:

Posted: 11.08.2016, 06:32
by Alexell
john71, Are you sure?

Posted: 11.08.2016, 07:10
by bh
Crikey! If you're back then so am I!

Well done Alexell!

Posted: 11.08.2016, 07:11
by john71
Alexell: I think it depends on us. I my opinion it is 90% ready and perfect, but needs some development. Can't be that hard to implement some changes. I personally can't believe that NO ONE seems to be excited about the Gaia star data...I mean, this is the most important new challenge for Celestia. It would be sad, if no one cared.

Posted: 11.08.2016, 08:16
by Alexell
john71, in some sense it may depend. But the main thing - to assemble a team for Celestia 1.7.0 development. We are discussing it with Chris.

Posted: 11.08.2016, 10:50
by FarGetaNik
I don't want to believe Celestia is dead :fie: the forum gave me some new hope!
But the main thing - to assemble a team for Celestia 1.7.0 development.
Good luck with that! I would help, sadly I have no talent in programming :cry: maybe I can help with the catalogues or something. There is certainly much more to be done with this program! Celestia 1.6.1 is an unfinished version that happened to be final, featuring many bugs still and pointing to so much more.

Posted: 11.08.2016, 14:21
by Chuft-Captain
Good to see the original forum back with all (or most) of the original posts --- minus the trolls. There's many years worth of useful information still here if you're prepared to search for it (even without images).

Posted: 11.08.2016, 19:27
by eafbsd
It was a very bad day when the Forum disappeared - so naturally - it was a great day so welcome it back. I don't yet know who you are, but I for one appreciate what you've done. Thank you


Posted: 11.08.2016, 20:05
by BlindedByTheLight

Posted: 12.08.2016, 07:21
by Chuft-Captain
Alexell, et al

A worthwhile improvement would be to transform all links to (ie. links to other posts) to use the new sub-domain "".
For example, compare the link in the first post of this thread: Lagrange Points for Celestia 1.6.1 - DOWNLOAD (which I have transformed manually), with the same link in the 2nd post of the thread.

I don't know much about phpBB, but I expect that you have access to quite a lot of batch actions that can be applied globally to all posts.
If the ability to replace patterns using REGEX is one of those, then you should be able to easily restore all links referring to other posts across the entire forum with a simple piece of REGEX.

eg. The following regex snippet (as used in Notepad++) transforms all references to contained within [URL] tags to url's. (but test this carefully before commiting to it.)

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


I also recommend a backup, before performing such global actions.


PS. That said, phpBB's admin tools may well provide an easier way to achieve this without resorting to REGEX.

Posted: 12.08.2016, 08:28
by Spaceman
I seriously thought that Celestia has been died until now, but fortunately it hasn't! Glad to be here again :beer:

Posted: 12.08.2016, 08:41
by mjoubert
Hello again Celestia !

I am working for the french agency CNES and we are using Celestia as the 3D COTS of our software VTS (

We have done many modifications to the source code that we would like to put back to the main project. Doing this, we have learnt about the C++ structure of Celestia.

So we are IN to help the project to reboot.


Posted: 12.08.2016, 10:30
by Alexell
Chuft-Captain, I've thought about it. To do this I need to temporarily disable the forum, download a database dump in NotePad ++ and replace to and upload dump back to the server. It takes time. Maybe I can do it tomorrow, but I can not promise.