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Forum address issue

Posted: 01.12.2013, 08:38
by Guckytos
Hi everyone,

for whatever reason there seems to be no longer the good old "" working.

Instead you have to use the direct path of ""

As usual Chris is incommunicado and the rest of us Admins has no chance to do anything. And we have no clue whatever Chris is about or planning to do to/with this forum.

And this just after I was beginning to come back after a long cool down phase.

Well I am pretty p***d off again already (after the very short return time) because of that.

I will come online now and then and clean up what I can.

Re: Forum address issue

Posted: 05.12.2013, 19:36
by Adirondack
As long as this DNS issue persists (as far as I know since the beginning of November 2013), the forum and the website will be almost dead.

Maybe Chris just forgot to renew his domain registration for

-- Adirondack

Re: Forum address issue

Posted: 12.12.2013, 08:40
by omega13a
Normally I would agree but didn't we had this problem before earlier this year?